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Posted September 11
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Project Overview

We would like to create a promotional video about our organization in general and use it as a tool for our current entitled Project Lac Rose (Build A Social Center To Empower Women and girls) specifically for fundraising purposes. We will provide the content but we need a video expert to put it all together and tell a great story to attract potential donors.This project is urgent at this time because there is a need for us to advance what we have started several years ago. We need a foundation to conduct workshops to educate women in their entrepreneurial endeavors, continue our children's school supplies distribution events and so much more. We hope this video will be a complement to our fundraising campaign to help spread the message and get the word out to social media and the local public here in the North America and globally.We have the data which means history, previous videos, pictures of events throughout the years as well as documented locations of our previous programs and achievements. We also have dedicated volunteering staff readily available to promote and share the content once this project is launched.
We also depend on social media which today is one of the most powerful resourceful tools one can have as well as old school traditional phone calls, emails, texts and flyers which we still use today.

We are sure the volunteering expert will be thrilled with what we have to share in working together and assuring that his/her expertise will be showcased on Queen Sheba Village YouTube channel for the world to see!


Nonprofit Overview

Queen Sheba Village focuses on the well being of women and children in rural Senegal, West Africa. Our education, health and business-building programs help impoverished families become financially independent. We seek to create conditions where small villages are modernized, economically stable and better connected to Greater Senegal.