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Marketing Strategy

Posted March 18
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This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.

Project Overview

Having a clear, coordinated and compelling marketing plan to engage students, parents, and the community at large would help us increase the visibility of our Workforce Training Programs and to educate the community about opportunities available to high school students in the Capital region. The marketing plan would be used for recruiting and expanding the student population in our program. Since most of our students are from economically disadvantaged homes, social media campaigns are not necessarily seen by their guardians. The campaign plan would need to include components of both social media and old school billboards and commercials.

We have limited resources for the hard copy portions of the campaign but with a plan that includes some basic costs, we believe we can use it to negotiate more funding or use it for fundraising those components.

The East Baton Rouge Parish School System's Career & Technical Education Center (EBR CTEC) was started in 2018. We have beautiful $17 million state-of-the-art building with over $500k in equipment for training. This year we had our first class of graduates with advanced credentials and our second year of apprentices. Several business and industry partners have hired our students, the School System has maintained funding in spite of the economic downturn and we have opportunities for grants. We just need the expertise of a marketing specialist to help us get the word out!

The EBR Career & Technical Education Center provides training in the high-wage, high-demand careers in the Capital region. Our workforce development training can change the lives of our high school students! With the training and the credentials, they can enter careers that allow them to earn a living wage to support themselves and their families. EBR CTEC offers 11 career and technical pathways in manufacturing, healthcare, information technology and construction crafts. Most recently we started the Early College Academy, a partnership with the local community college, that gives the students the opportunity to earn their Associates' Degree while in high school.
We are looking for an overall marketing plan that would recommend steps on what type of marketing should be done with the following constraints: which type of marketing strategy should be implemented sequentially or should be ongoing, estimated time for each step, and basic range of expenses for each strategy. We would like to implement portions of the strategy starting with our Spring semester, Jan 2021. EBR CTEC has hired a graphic designer to help with design aspects, has a good relationship with the district marketing director, and has established relationships with several donors.

Nonprofit Overview

The East Baton Rouge Parish School System (EBRPSS) educates all students to their maximum potential in a caring, rigorous and safe environment.

The EBR Career & Technical Education Center is a workforce development program within the EBRPSS. The mission of EBR CTEC is to prepare students for the challenge of post-secondary education and for a globally competitive workforce. We achieve this through quality academic instruction and internships with our partners in business, industry and the community.


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