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Posted February 16
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Project Overview

When this project is completed, the non-profit will have a complete style guide.
We're launching a robust new website.
We know, the style guide should have been completed 'before' we started.
We have to complete it now.We're a non-profit that rocks!
Why do we rock.
We educate people about their health, their body and natural herbs.
We have testimonials that just pump up your confidence -- but much of the info involves health, so there's some privacy constraints.

We understand our audience are people who are in pain.
Physical pain.
Emotional pain.
Spiritual pain.
Relationship pain.

So - at our base level, we are educators.
We educate people.
They get to choose if they apply the knowledge to their life.

We are change agents.
We know our subject matter well.
We thrive from learning to teach -- about herbs, the body, and the Healer of Healers!Of course, we know our fonts and colors.
Of course, the updated web site is about to launch.
We have our new logo.
We the templates the web site was designed from.
We need a formal style guide.
To provide consistency [internally and externally] and to keep from answering the same questions over and over.
We're aware we'll have to go back and resize or change the sizes of things.

Once it's complete, we'll use the brand style guide as a living document.
We'll distribute it to our stakeholders.


Nonprofit Overview

Healed People provides consulting services to individuals and small businesses meant to guide others in identifying the root of life’s challenges through the basic principles of faith.

We welcome and serve all. If we cannot help a person or business with our skillset, the goal is to make a referral. The majority of our business promotes maintaining a homeopathic marketplace.


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