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Salt and Light Collaborative, Inc.
1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Website development

Posted March 16
Member since 2021-03-12

Project Overview

I need to update my website to include all my staff members, programming information, and a donation button. I also want to make sure that my website is easy to use for potential clients and donors.
Our organization has grown quickly over the past year. We want to make sure that our potential clients and donors can easily utilize our website. I also want to make sure that potential partners, funders, clients, and the community can be made aware of our programs and services in a more clear and effective manner.
We do currently have a website and a style guide. Our website was designed by a volunteer when we were a smaller organization, so a lot of the groundwork has been completed. Once the project is completed, it will be ready to be launched as our new website immediately.

Nonprofit Overview

Salt and Light Collaborative's mission is simple: Build up people, Build up communities, and Back up faith-based organizations. Simple words that mean complicated things.

We want to help build up people by helping them to heal from trauma, develop skills to foster emotional growth and health, and overcome obstacles in their lives.

We want to build up communities by introducing programs that treat community issues holistically and together through collaboration. We are better together!

We want to back up faith-based organizations through training, workshops, and coaching to equip them to address spiritual and mental health issues. We want to provide churches with the tools and resources to help them confidently serve their members.


Web development
Web front end (js/html/css)
Data visualization
Graphic design - web
Database administration