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Fathers On A Mission
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Baton Rouge, United States of America
Website design

Posted March 30
Member since 2021-03-26

Project Overview

Having a working website is crucial to optimizing community engagement and successfully marketing a nonprofit. Having a attractive and intuitive website can increase the profile of an organization, its mission and impact on the community as well as serve as a recruitment and development tool. During this project, a web designer defines and delivers a draft architecture and design options that not only meets the nonprofit’s needs but is also easy to maintain. There is a website currently but it needs revamping by an expert.

What activities will be completed as part of the project:
Analysis of the nonprofit’s desired features and website capabilities, as well as their ability to maintain the site.
Research to populate a Requirements Brief with enough information to renovate the site.
Content Audit, Content Outline, and Content Delivery Plan.
Creation of draft architecture and design options (wireframes, site structure, and visual elements) that incorporates the nonprofit’s existing visual identity (logo), key messages, and other copy.

Our website is a key component in attracting the audience we serve, volunteers we need and grab hold of the Sponsors/Donors required to keep our Mission afloat. The website can attract or turn away folks. Your contributions in revamping our website will be instrumental in allowing FOAM to better serve the local community, our state and our country by grabbing the attention of the most uninterested person.
We currently use WIX for our website service and we use their email services. We believe we have great content on our website but it just needs some experienced fingers to bring it to life and to make it very user friendly.

Description of what the deliverable will include and look like:
Discover Deliverable: A requirements brief that includes a summary of findings from the discovery process and a set of prioritized recommendations for the design of a website.
Design Deliverable: Construction of site architecture (Sitemap, Wireframes, and other elements of information design) and develop concepts that inform the look-and-feel, graphics, and other design elements of the site.
Our goal is to use the results of this project to draw the attention of many and all who will utilize our services and support our Mission.


Nonprofit Overview

To promote responsible committed fatherhood through education, strong relationships, holistic health, and socioeconomic improvement opportunities.


User interface design
Graphic design - web