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Posted March 31
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Project Overview

Looking for digital marketer to help grow awareness and new members on Instagram.
If you love wildlife and making an impact, we want to hear from you. Our site was designed to attract people from all backgrounds and industries into the world of wildlife conservation. We want bankers, artists and lawyers working with scientists and biologists to form thoughtful wildlife conservation projects. More minds on a problem help it get solved in a deeper way. Do you share the same philosophy? Come promote us!

Please note-we receive NO OUTSIDE FUNDING. Our projects only get launched through volunteer effort or grants that fund projects. is an interdisciplinary site designed to network people from different industries to collaborate on primate projects. In just a few months we have 100 members. We'd like to get more! We're a grass roots org, and grateful for the volunteer help. Whether you've got 1 year experience or 10, we'd love to hear from you. Passion is important.We were approved for Google for nonprofits ad grant so volunteer can gain access to our account and have freedom to promote us through Google channels. Or, simply bring their expertise in Instagram and Facebook, etc. and promote us there. We're open to doing radio or print ads and willing to collaborate based on the volunteer's skill set.


Nonprofit Overview

Monkeyfriendly, Inc. is a nonprofit organization created to help like-minded people from very different industries network with each other. Each unique member cares about people, projects, and products that are saving primates. On the front end, the organization operates a free networking site. On the back-end, it partners with other NGOs to implement projects, particularly where primates are endangered. Monkeyfriendly's philosophy is community-based conservation. It aims to empower people through job creation, conservation education, and a sharing of innovative ideas.


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