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Emergency Legal Responders
1 - 3 weeks
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New Orleans, Louisiana
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Posted November 09
Member since 2021-10-15

Project Overview

We desperately need help organizing this type of work. We are a fully formed nonprofit completely run by volunteers. We have a mission statement but need help making it more concise. The work you would be helping us with would have real time help.

What activities will be completed as part of the project:
1. Align on organization’s mission, vision and strategic priorities
2. Gather data from key stakeholders
3. Review current business systems and processes
4. Analyze and prioritize challenges and opportunities within marketing and communications
5. Gather and document requirements for proposed solution (scope of work)

What activities won’t be completed as part of the project:
1. The volunteer consultant will not implement the solution proposed
2. Strategic business planning

Key questions the nonprofit will need to answer:
What is your ideal end state when it comes to marketing and communications?
What is stopping you from what you want to do today when it comes to marketing and communications?
What would you do with unlimited resources?
What is the level of organizational readiness to adopt new systems and processes (leadership support, resources including talent, budget)?

There is a glaring unmet need for the necessary legal services in areas devastated by natural, social, and economic disasters. This need is often called the "Justice Gap." The Justice Gap stems from the lack of accessible disaster resources for vulnerable populations. This leaves poorer states, such as Louisiana, reeling when they need the most help. Emergency Legal Responders (ELR) was formed to address this gap. To date, there are over 40 parishes in Louisiana that fit the definition of "legal resources desert" with no legal aid offices available nearby and which the Pro-Bono Project does not service.
Louisiana residents endured 13 declared natural disasters and named storms during the years 2020-2021. Fifty-six out of sixty-four parishes have been in the recovery stage from natural disasters since March 2021 Louisiana has an urgent need for accessible legal aid. ELR seeks to bridge the Justice Gap through its three -pillared programs: legal accessibility; community clinics; and volunteer coordination and training. Each program under the ELR umbrella impacts, benefits, and supports the purpose of providing legal services. These symbiotic programs have established a one-stop-shop for legal and social support services that incorporate holistic disaster management and assistance. Immediately after a disaster, families and individuals face a set of critical legal issues that are time-sensitive and often life-threatening. With your help you will be providing direct assistance to those vulnerable populations needing it most.
Description of what the deliverable will include and look like (deliverable):
1. Discover deliverable: A brief that includes a summary of findings from the discovery process and a set of prioritized recommendations on how to move forward in addressing key challenges
2. Design deliverable: A document that describes in detail what solution or solutions the organization will need to implement in order to move toward their desired state. This should be focused on prioritized solutions and not include solutions to more than two identified challenges. The document should essentially be a Scope of Work that includes: a project description , an estimated time-frame for completing the project , the resources needed to complete the project successfully, including the type of talent or skills needed.

Nonprofit Overview

Emergency Legal Responders (ELR) is a Louisiana-based organization founded in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Our team is rooted in our experience working on cases stemming from Hurricane Katrina to Hurricane Ida to Covid-19 to the BLM protests. We are attorneys, advocates, and community members who have worked for years to provide direct legal services to those impacted by emergency legal issues.

We provide direct legal aid through "boots on the ground" legal clinics, create tailored legal information slides, and train probono volunteers to help the communities they live in.

Legal emergencies are natural, social and economic. We are here to fill the "justice gap" that so many people in Louisiana live in.

Our instagram is @emergencylegalresponders if you are interested in seeing some of our work


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