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Posted November 15
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This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Project Overview

Rede Academy is seeking a skilled volunteer to set up the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media sites and design and execute the initial social media campaign as a marketing tool to (a) generate new applicants for the upcoming academic year (connect with prospective families) and (b) generate out-of-state attention in specific markets to inform educators of the current opportunities (message the job opportunities for teachers). We can provide sample messaging and the images for the recommended platforms but look to the volunteer to set up the social channels and understand analytics and resources/strategies for connecting with potential families and educators for the academy.
We seek help in spreading great news! Rede Academy is an independent, private academy (K-5th) that will open as one of the few FULLY INCLUSIVE academies in the United States. This project offers a volunteer the opportunity to lead 1 campaign, collect data, and analyze interactions as well as provide guidance regarding best practices and strategies to continue social media and marketing efforts after implementation of the campaign. Discover how we are so unique by visiting

Work with 1 academy point of contact to ensure consistency in messaging as well as reflecting the academy's pedagogy. We have set up accounts on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and have content and photos and paid sites and resources readily available. This is the initial social media campaign and will be implemented immediately across all platforms. Members of the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board will also distribute to their networks.


Nonprofit Overview

Rede Academy is a fully inclusive, collaborative learning community for children of all abilities that affirms each child's individuality, discovery and celebration of self, and passion for learning. Rede's experiential and immersive education empowers learners to thrive, evolve and accelerate change.


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