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LifeLine Pilots
1 - 3 weeks
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Peoria, Illinois
Marketing Strategy

Posted November 23
Member since 2021-11-23

Project Overview

We have received a Google Adwords Grant for up to $10,000 a month but have not been able to utilize more than a few hundred dollars a month. Our limited experience and tight parameters of the grant mean we have not been as successful as we would like. We would love to maximize the grant.

LifeLine Pilots is a unique and amazing organization. We provide free air transportation, through volunteer pilots, for people who need to travel for medical or humanitarian needs far from home. We are based in Illinois, but serve 10 states in the Midwest.

Our biggest barrier to helping people is that people just don't know we exist. We have a small team (3 full-time staff), a limited marketing budget, but cover a territory with 70 million people. Getting our message to people in need, medical professionals, social workers, and community support groups is essential.

We have set up several campaigns to target passengers, pilots who may want to volunteer, and donors. We have added keywords on our own, added others that were suggested by the AdWords program, but our clicks just seem to be going down.

We need a volunteer who can review our mission, goals, and audience, and help us craft campaigns to maximize the grant. We would also like someone who can teach us how to maintain the grant in the future.

LifeLine Pilots is at a stage of growth. We have a great team that is ready to focus on outreach/marketing, in order to drive more passengers and pilots to our organization. We now have the capacity to double the number of flights we coordinate, therefore the Google Adwords Grant could play a huge role in driving people to our organization.

This is a good investment of a volunteer’s time because helping us properly set up our Adwords Grant will set us up for long-term success. This is not a one-off project, it has a lasting effect on the organization and the people we serve.

When people find LifeLine Pilots, they are often in tears on the phone because they can’t believe a service like ours exists. They are often suffering from severe and complex medical conditions, they need to travel hundreds of miles for medical care, and they are facing mounting medical bills. When we tell them there is never a cost for our service, we give them hope for a better future.

By accepting this project, you would be helping hundreds of people every year access life-saving medical care.

We have a great jumping-off point for this project. We have an Outreach Coordinator and Executive Director who have a basic understanding of Adwords and a great understanding of our audience. We have an established Google Adwords account that can be reviewed and modified. While we want someone who can set up our account for success, we are ready and willing to learn throughout the process, so we can maintain the account.

Nonprofit Overview

To facilitate free air transportation, through volunteer pilots, for financially distressed passengers with medical and humanitarian needs. There is never a cost for our service and no limit to the number of times a passenger can fly with LifeLine Pilots. While we are based in Illinois, we provide services throughout 10 states in the Midwest.


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