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Ganga Library Inc.
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Washington, D.C.
Marketing Strategy
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Posted December 16
Member since 2015-08-27

Project Overview

We need a volunteer's support with our Google Grant for Nonprofits as well as search engine optimization. We'd like recommendations for Google Ad campaigns. Any SEO modifications you recommend will be shared with our web developer, who will make any needed updates.

The project is a priority for us at this stage, as we need innumerable volunteers with varied skills. The project will very greatly help our library by increasing content on our virtual library website. This will be valuable experience for you, as there are thousands of nonprofits that possess the Google Grant for Nonprofits.

We already possess the Google Grant for Nonprofits. We have some campaigns in operation. We have a web developer who can implement the modifications which you recommend to our website.


Nonprofit Overview

Ganga Library’s Vision is to provide material pertaining to Alfred Nobel and Laureates in the form of an online, global, multilingual, comprehensive, interactive and nonprofit library to people, for the benefit of humankind.

Ganga Library’s mission is to globally meet the needs of people for obtaining ideas to solve scientific, social and planetary problems. The library will make every effort to procure or to create for its patrons, media pertaining to Alfred Nobel and Laureates and which they need for their education, teaching, research, social or visionary entrepreneurship, reading pleasure or to just satisfy their curiosity.


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