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Essex, Maryland
Marketing Strategy
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Posted August 05
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Project Overview

I need a creative marketing thought partner. Our nonprofit is at a place where we need to truly put a marketing strategy and plan in place, but our small team has no knowledge of how to make this happen. I know that marketing helps your business to grow and am open to all strategies that are feasible for our small team to execute.Since Y-KNOT's inception in 2018 I have been building this from the ground up. We started advertising and we started with seven people in our programs. In four years we have grown to touching over 1100 in four years and this is without me knowing how to market. With guidance I am sure that we can move a lot further and have great impact.I have created my 2022-2023 calendar and have truly thought about what my brand should look like. I have set up Hootsuite and attached all of the social medial platforms.


Nonprofit Overview

Y-KNOT Inc.'s mission is to stimulate knowledge, nurture ideas, create opportunities and teach life long lessons.


Marketing strategy
Social media strategy