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Many, Louisiana
Marketing Strategy

Posted August 10
Member since 2022-02-14

Project Overview

We need creative ways to market our project through various media outlets for exposure to potential donors. We have exhausted Facebook with our friends sharing and tweeter with our GOFUND Me link. We need a different platform to market our project. Our desire as a management group is to revitalize Sabine High School located in Many, Louisiana which educated Afro-American children from 1958 to 1970. After desegregation took place in 1970, the Sabine High School campus was basically left to ruins. A group of Sabine High School alumni took on the task of revitalizing the campus to address the needs of the Sabine Parish Community. Our vision is to repurpose the facility for community use by children, adults, and senior citizens of Sabine Parish. Based on our feasibility study, the integrity of the buildings is excellent so all that's needed to make the building usable with the necessary renovations. Money for renovations is very much needed. We have attempted various fundraising events that netted funds less than 10K. We need to market our project to a different audience in an attempt to prick the hearts of others to donate for the renovation process. We believe a renovated campus would create a place of inclusion for all citizens in Sabine Parish to provide much-needed services such as: before and after-school care for children, youth activities, cultural events, job training for young adults, after-school tutoring sessions with wifi, enrichment activities for the children enrolled in Sabine Parish Schools and addressing healthcare issues by creating partnerships with health facilities in Northwestern Louisiana. We have expanded our base in Many, but others are needed. At this time, we only have volunteers, but once funding is secured for program personnel is available, funds have to be in place to pay for their services. We have qualified individuals to assist in the implementation of programs, but an hourly wage much is offered.


Nonprofit Overview

“The preservation of the legacy of Sabine High School, one of the Historic African American Schools in the State of Louisiana; and the repurpose of its administration and education buildings, gymnasium, auditorium and fields… for the benefit of the health and wellness of rural and urban communities in Sabine and surroundings parishes in Northwestern Louisiana. A tool for not only memorializing, but for looking forward and providing a new place of inclusion and community for the Northwestern Louisiana region.”


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Marketing strategy