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Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Phoenix, Arizona

Posted September 23
Member since 2017-02-28

Project Overview

We need remote volunteers to help us download MP4 video files and their accompanying Closed Captioning files from our YouTube account to prepare for upload into our new Learning Management System as the first content our users will have access to. They will need to be indexed on an Excel sheet so we can track what files we have and the original "airing" date for that webinar. If Closed Captioning files are missing, we'd like the volunteers to be able to type up captions in a Word document for upload.Our organization is adopting an LMS (Learning Management System) at the end of 2022. We are a statewide association that provides free and low-cost education and training to nonprofits of all sizes and missions across Arizona, helping them build their capacity and learn crucial best practices in nonprofit management. Getting these video files ready for transfer will help us have evergreen webinar archive content available for the nonprofits we serve to access while we are still working on adding upcoming programming to the new system. Our staff internally is still working on new SOPs and communications to our users on how to operate our new system, so we could really use the help of a tech-savvy volunteer who can assist us with the involved process of downloading and organizing these files.We have written out instructions on how to download these files from YouTube, where to save the files, and how to name them to ensure accurate information. We implement the use of Slack or Microsoft Teams for any instant support needed, and we have a dedicated staff member who will oversee this project and is reachable by phone or email at any time. These files that are downloaded and prepared for transfer to our new LMS will be the first content that our users see and can access when getting on our system for the first time. Many of these videos have content that is still relevant and will help many nonprofits in improving their operations.


Nonprofit Overview

Our mission is to unite, strengthen and advance Arizona's nonprofit sector.


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