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Louisiana Appleseed Center for Law and Justice
4 - 5 weeks
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New Orleans, Louisiana
Public Relations
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Posted October 28
Member since 2020-06-30

Project Overview

Louisiana Appleseed hosts a gala every January. The gala honors community members whose daily work exemplifies Appleseed's mission, as well as pro bono volunteers who have supported Appleseed's programming. The list of honorees is impressive, including state officials, and top business people. We would like to develop a written system for:
1) asking proposed honorees to accept the honor
2) a response with gratitudes once accepted, including important dates to remember and media releases,
3) a process for maintaining this incredible network throughout the year

Some of these elements have been developed, but they are somewhat sporadic and alone they do not form a cohesive PR strategy.This project will evaluate existing materials for securing gala honorees and develop a cohesive year-round strategy for engaging this specific audience. Deliverables will include at a minimum the following written materials: 1) criteria for honoree selection, 2) a letter of request to accept the honor, 3) a letter of thanks for accepting the honor, 4) a list of requests for honorees, such as bios, pictures, and a list of people we can engage on their behalf about the honor, 5) an annual schedule for media releases, social media posts, etc, and 6) media releases to use their images and likeness for the purposes of the gala, as well as into the future as a member of the Good Apple Network. Appleseed is open to additional deliverables that would be most appropriate to implement in this system.We have several years worth of examples of letters to inspire a plan. We would like to have a plan in place by the end of January so that we can use it for the 2024 gala honoree selection process and media strategy.


Nonprofit Overview

Louisiana Appleseed solves our state's toughest problems at their root cause by creating and increasing Access to Justice, Opportunity, and Education. We believe that our state will be stronger through fair and equitable access to the courts, the economy, and public schools. To accomplish this, we build bridges between vulnerable communities and our extensive network of pro bono professionals to develop meaningful and sustainable solutions that help justice take root.


Public relations
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