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Market Umbrella
4 - 5 weeks
Can be done remotely
New Orleans, Louisiana

Posted November 15
Member since 2020-09-22

Project Overview

Market Umbrella is looking for a skilled, creative, and consumer-conscious graphic designer to help us with designing merchandise for our farmers markets! We need your help to create a single-color, 5” x 5” graphic that we can get printed on tote bags to sell at market! The final design must be an EPS or PDF file with a transparent background so that it can be printed straight onto canvas tote bags, t-shirts, and potentially other forms of merchandise.

The design for this merch needs to visually locate Crescent City Farmers Market in New Orleans and show what makes us different from any other market in the world. To accomplish this, we need a design that clearly represents our iconic (and delicious!) foodway. That means okra, shrimp, sweet potatoes, creole tomatoes, satsumas, strawberries, sugarcane—any and all of the fresh and amazing foods that make our markets and region unique!

On that note, the design also has to appeal to our customer base: our supporters care about fresh food, the Southeast Louisiana region, and supporting local food producers. All elements of the merch design–especially anything edible!--need to be easily recognizable, fresh, and inviting. People eat with their eyes first; our merch needs to get people excited about Crescent City Farmers Market! We could really use your help to make this happen!
Having visually-appealing merchandise for sale means that our customers are able to support our markets directly through their purchase as well as by wearing the merch itself! This design should work especially well on tote bags, which—almost more than any other type of garment or product—are a really helpful tool for shopping at farmers markets. Having new merch for sale drives consumer engagement and excitement around our markets. Having beautiful merch is a conversation starter and, frankly, an advertisement for the work that we do!

We hope that our new merch design will show our passion and love for fresh, local food. We can handle the rest of the conversation, we just need your help and graphic design skills to start it! A pair of fresh eyes and a willingness to collaborate would give us the lift we need to wrap up this project!
Market Umbrella’s Communications team is in conversation with a printer who will be creating this order for us when we have the design. We have plenty of staff members willing to share their ideas for this merch, as well as a catalog of previous iterations of this project. As we have worked on this project, we have clarified what exactly it is we are looking for. All we need now is a skilled somebody who is able to commit the time and creativity required to work on this project!

Once we have worked together to create and finalize the design, it’s off to the printer! This tote bag comes alongside other merch we have been working on, like umbrellas, lunch bags, shirts, and bandanas. We are hoping to create a design that Market Umbrella can continue to use for a while—we are ready and willing to bring about a design that fully realizes this vision. To do this, we would so love and appreciate your help!


Nonprofit Overview

Market Umbrella's mission is to cultivate the field of public markets for public good. As Market Umbrella’s flagship initiative, the Crescent City Farmers Market operates markets throughout Orleans and Jefferson parishes and is an essential purveyor of fresh, local produce and value added products for local and regional families, and is a major economic support system for farmers across the region. To enhance our impact in the community, Market Umbrella also conducts several community initiatives serving vulnerable families helping to mitigate the effects of poverty and low food access.


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