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HR Management

Posted March 30
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This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Project Overview

Our nonprofit just separated from a public agency, and we need to develop a list of HR and broader organizational policies. From that list, our board will work to flesh out all of the policies as they relate to our organization. We are looking for an HR and/or organizational development professional to help us flesh out a comprehensive list of policies and procedures and point us in the right direction for finding good sample policies and procedures.

Severson Dells Nature Center has been in operation in partnership with a public agency for almost 50 years. This year we are separating, operationally, from the public agency and need to develop our own policies and procedures. We have the public agency's documents, but not all of them are relevant to a nonprofit, and we know that there are policies and procedures that are missing for an organization like ours.

Help set up Severson Dells for success as we move forward in this next stage of our development!

Severson Dells has a draft list of policies and procedures that we have procured from other organizations and some sample policies and procedures, but we would like professional help in reviewing what we have to make sure it is comprehensive. We have a board committee that is working on compiling resources and drafting policies that is eager to have a professional review our progress and point us in the right direction to cross the finish line. Final implementation will result in a complete Employee Handbook, Safety Manual, and Organization Policies and Procedures.


Nonprofit Overview

To connect people to nature through education and research in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.


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