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Posted February 22
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This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Project Overview

Capital Village Schools (CVS) operates at the forefront of educational innovation, guided by our mission to empower every child through a student-centered, project-based curriculum. We envision a community where education adapts to the needs and potentials of each individual. To extend our impact, we require a volunteer with a deep understanding of SEO to refine our digital footprint. This comprehensive project involves:

- Comprehensive Website Audit: Conducting an in-depth analysis of our current website, pinpointing both strengths and areas for improvement in terms of SEO.
- Keyword Research and Optimization: Identifying high-impact keywords and integrating them into our website content, ensuring we are easily discoverable by our target audience.
- Content Strategy Enhancement: Collaborating with our team to refine website content for maximum SEO impact, including blogs, success stories, and educational resources.
- Technical SEO Adjustments: Making backend improvements for better site performance, mobile responsiveness, and faster load times.
- Monitoring and Reporting: Setting up tools for ongoing SEO monitoring and reporting on improvements and traffic growth.

By volunteering your SEO skills, you will directly influence our ability to reach more students, parents, and community members, ultimately contributing to reshaping education for the better.

To ensure the success of our project, we have taken several preparatory steps. We have appointed a dedicated Community Engagement Associate who is currently doing some basic training courses, and she will work with the volunteer so that she can continue the work moving forward. This training aims to equip her with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage and coordinate community involvement.

Our strategy involves a collaborative approach, where the Community Engagement Associate will work closely with volunteers. This collaborative effort ensures a smooth transition of responsibilities and knowledge transfer, enabling the sustained progress of the project even after its completion. The ongoing collaboration between the associate and volunteers will not only facilitate the successful implementation of the project but also foster a sense of community ownership and continuity. We believe that this approach will contribute to the long-term success and impact of our initiative.


Nonprofit Overview

Capital Village PCS is a small learning community where learners take the lead, grow together and change the world. We are an intentionally small middle school with no more than 45 students per grade level and two teachers in every classroom. Our community is a village focused on the interests, needs and ambitions of each individual learner, so that all learners can grow. We teach rigorous, high-school preparatory content through student-led projects that blend Common Core standards with local social justice problems that students are empowered to design solutions for. We teach life skills, like conflict resolution and goal-setting, alongside powerful cognitive skills, like evaluating an author’s argument. We provide plenty of time during the school day for students to develop their talents, interests, and passions through student-led “passion projects” in courses like Music Production, Entrepreneurship and Art. Our after-school clubs partner with the community with offerings like dance, swimming, chess, debate and intramural sports. Capital Village PCS is a small school with big ideas.


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