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African Link Initiative
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Pemberton, New Jersey
Marketing Strategy

Posted February 08
Member since 2022-08-29

Project Overview

Our organization would like to work with a marketing professional to craft a Case for Support. Having a Case for Support is an essential step in effectively communicating our organization's mission, goals, and needs to potential donors, stakeholders, and supporters. A compelling case for support can inspire others to contribute financially or in other ways to help our nonprofit achieve its objectives.

We envision a marketing professional conducting some discovery to gain a deep understanding of our nonprofit's mission, vision, values, and goals and consider the impact our organization aims to make and the specific programs or initiatives we undertake to achieve that impact. The professional would then help us draft a Case for Support with respect to our target audiences (individual donors, foundations, corporations, or other potential supporters). The Case for Support should include sections addressing: the need, our solution, demonstrated impact, goals and strategies, financial needs, call to action, and recognition & stewardship.

This would include several rounds of review and feedback with the nonprofit leadership and any necessary training for using the Case for Support.

Crafting a Case for Support with the expertise of a marketing professional stands as a pivotal priority for our organization at this juncture as we have recently partnered with The Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center. The Case for Support will serve as a cornerstone in articulating our mission, vision, and objectives to potential donors, stakeholders, and supporters. By delineating the essence of our organization's impact and the imperative for support, it cultivates a compelling narrative that can galvanize financial contributions and deeper engagement.

This project aligns seamlessly with our organization's overarching goals by bolstering our capacity to effectively communicate our purpose and needs. A well-crafted Case for Support not only articulates the pressing needs we address but also delineates the solutions we offer, the tangible impact we've achieved, and our strategic roadmap for the future. Such clarity and coherence in communication are instrumental in fostering trust and resonance with our diverse audiences.

Moreover, engaging a skilled volunteer for this project represents a prudent investment of time and resources. Their specialized insights and proficiency in marketing will lend depth and resonance to our Case for Support, improving its ability in capture attention and inspire action. The collaborative process of discovery, drafting, and refinement ensures that the final product is finely tuned to resonate with our target audiences, maximizing its potential to mobilize support and resources for our organization's mission.

The marketing professional would have regular access to our executive leadership and relevant team members will be directed to allocate time to meet with the professional as often as requested, during the discovery process. We are also prepared to furnish the necessary financial data and current marketing collateral. We will also make sure that the professional has full access to all materials relating to how we deliver our programs. We can also make program beneficiaries available to interview with the professional if need be.

Thank you!


Nonprofit Overview

We exist to operationalize a paradigm shift in teen identity development, transforming how teens see their world and their possibilities by first transforming how they see themselves, their past, present and future.

African Link Initiative (ALI) is designed to improve life outcomes for youth of African descent by instilling cultural pride, increasing self-awareness, facilitating critical thinking, teaching job-ready skills, financial literacy, promoting agency, global citizenship, and amplifying their voices. ALI is an evidence-based three-part identity development program that culminates in a birthright trip to Ghana West Africa.

We work to cultivate the next generation of great leaders by equipping them with the mindset, skillset, habits, and experiences to give them inspiration, resilience, perspective, and connections so they can create their path forward in life.

Our scholars learn how to advance the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals within their community. We train youth in career and life skills including AgSTEM/hydroponic farming and amplify their voices through training in public speaking and they record TED-Ed Talks to share their most passionate ideas with the world. Five of our scholars are published TED-Ed speakers.


Marketing strategy
Public relations