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Childhood Cancer Society Inc.
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Belmar, New Jersey
Sales and Customer Service

Posted February 20
Member since 2024-01-18

Project Overview

Childhood Cancer Society (CCS) seeks a dedicated volunteer with a knack for business and corporate social responsibility to join us as a Sponsorship and Corporate Partnership Specialist. This critical role enhances our impactful campaigns, such as the Adventure Ted Challenge 2024 and the Beat Cancer Party, by developing corporate partnerships and sponsorships. You will identify and engage potential corporate sponsors to bolster our efforts in supporting families battling pediatric cancer.

**Role and Responsibilities:**
- **Corporate Partnership Development**: Identify and engage with potential corporate partners who share our mission's values, crafting mutually beneficial sponsorship packages.
- **Sponsorship Outreach and Management**: Strategically reach out to businesses for sponsorships, managing relationships and ensuring partners are aligned with our campaign goals.
- **Innovative Collaboration Proposals**: Create and present proposals that highlight the benefits of partnering with CCS, demonstrating how corporate social responsibility can have a tangible impact.
- **Campaign Enhancement through Partnerships**: Utilize corporate sponsorships and partnerships to enhance the visibility and effectiveness of the Adventure Ted Challenge 2024 and the Beat Cancer Party campaign.

**Your Impact:**
By joining us, you'll be pivotal in creating moments of joy and lasting memories for families like Jeremith and Luis. The attached photo tells their story – a moment of pure joy during the Enchanted Theme Park Vacation, a respite filled with laughter and adventure, made possible by the generosity of our supporters. Tragically, Jeremith's battle with Neuroblastoma ended after this heartwarming experience. Yet, the joy and cherished memories from this wish grant are everlasting, serving as a poignant reminder of the difference we can make. Your efforts in securing sponsorships and corporate partnerships are vital in continuing to offer such invaluable moments to many more families facing pediatric cancer.

**Our Commitment to You:**
- **Professional Development**: Gain valuable experience in corporate outreach and relationship management, enhancing your skills in business and corporate social responsibility.
- **Supportive Team Environment**: Collaborate with passionate team members across various departments, all committed to making a significant difference.
- **Resource and Insight Access**: Benefit from comprehensive resources and insights to inform your outreach strategies and maximize partnership potential.

Join us as a Sponsorship and Corporate Partnership Specialist, where your business acumen and dedication to corporate social responsibility will help sustain and grow our support for children and families facing pediatric cancer. Together, let's build enduring partnerships that amplify our mission and ensure no family fights alone.


Nonprofit Overview

Childhood Cancer Society is a beacon of compassion and hope, a volunteer-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization profoundly committed to supporting families grappling with pediatric cancer. At the heart of our mission lies a promise to not only provide financial aid but also to weave a fabric of emotional support, understanding, and unwavering care around each family. In every endeavor, we strive to alleviate the hardships encountered by these brave children and their loved ones, infusing their journeys with hope, courage, and the comfort of knowing they do not face this battle alone.

We believe in the power of community and collective action to transform lives, and every volunteer who joins us brings us closer to a world where no family navigates the challenges of pediatric cancer in solitude. Join us, and be a part of a movement that cherishes, uplifts, and stands steadfastly beside those in their most vulnerable moments.


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