Neighborhood Legal Services
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Posted February 22
Member since 2020-07-07

This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Project Overview

Voiceover artist needed! NLS is developing a series of Legal Literacy videos to publish online. We are searching for volunteers to provide voice-over for these scripts. These informational videos will have visuals animated and edited in house. Their tone of voice should be informative, warm, friendly, and helpful.

Neighborhood Legal Services believes in helping to bridge the justice gap and meeting the needs of low-income and vulnerable individuals in our community through effective legal representation and education. This series of legal literacy videos is designed to be accessible to the general public, requiring little to no experience with legal terminology and processes to understand their rights and the actions they can take in various situations. Ideal candidates will have a quality microphone to record within their own space and time.

We have a number of scripts that need a voiceover, and we're willing to work flexibly with volunteers who may need more or fewer hours for volunteer requirements, etc.

NLS has developed and revised scripts for each individual video topic. Once we receive voiceover for the respective subjects, we will move on to editing the visuals in time with the audio, and animating relevant motion graphics. Once individual videos are completed, they will be posted for public access to our website and YouTube, as well as integrated into our social media.


Nonprofit Overview

The mission of NLS is to meet the civil legal needs of the poor and vulnerable individuals in our community through effective legal representation and education. NLS provides an essential service that protects the safety and restores and preserves the dignity of individuals who have nowhere to turn for help. Founded in 1966, NLS provides civil legal aid to people who have nowhere else to turn when experiencing a critical legal problem.

NLS works to ensure equal justice for everyone. Our support takes many forms. We educate; we give advice; and, if necessary, we even provide representation in court. In every case, our clients have reached a point of desperation because at least one of their basic needs of life – safety, shelter, food, warmth – is at risk.


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