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Nicky's Garden of Hope
1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely
Catskills, NY
Marketing Strategy

Posted February 22
Member since 2024-02-14

Project Overview

We would like a volunteer to evaluate our social media effort and make recommendations for improving our outreach. Once we understand what we need to improve, we will recruit a team member with a passion for our mission who can help us with those skills.

Are you able to help us build awareness, coordinate support, and offer hope that a better solution is on the way? Nicky's Gardens of Hope, a non-profit supporting autistic and intellectually disabled adults, is purchasing the historic Old Game Farm in Catskill, NY ( There it will build a sustainable, supportive-living residential community for adults with autism and intellectual disabilities (A/ID), that gives them independent, integrated lives within the community.

After purchasing the Old Game Farm, Nicky's Gardens of Hope will build and launch Green Garden Power (GGP), a solar farm that will come online in 2025 to contribute to a sustainable future and empower disadvantaged communities. GGP revenues will benefit the local community and the environment through the sale of renewable energy. This win-win project not only creates a vital renewable energy source but also supports Nicky's Gardens of Hope’s mission to build homes for autistic and intellectually disabled adults by generating funds that pay for the charity's operations.

Using federal and state incentives, GGP will offer clean energy with electricity savings for low-to-moderate income (LMI) families and providers of disabled, veteran, and affordable housing.

We have created a web page, Facebook profile and account, LinkedIn profile and account, Instagram and Twitter profiles. Once we have received the recommendations, we will recruit somebody to implement them.


Nonprofit Overview

To build a sustainable, affordable, holistic, inclusive, and supportive community for adults with disabilities, veterans, and the general public where everyone can enjoy the activities and community. Adults with disabilities can work in community businesses like coffee shops, workshops, wellness centers, restaurants, bakeries, and others. Depends on everyone's strength and passions.


Marketing strategy
Social media strategy