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The Healthcare Navigation Project
4 - 5 weeks
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Milford, Connecticut
Grant writing/development
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Posted March 15
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Project Overview

I am stuck! I need help sorting through a selection of different corporate partnership opportunities and refining a proposal template that can be used to apply to this range of sponsorship/grant opportunities.

I've completed grant research and have found some targets, but I am stuck figuring out the correct verbiage. I need someone who can work with me to figure this all out! Our nonprofit has a whole programmatic lane that is Corporate Health and Wellness Training-focused. We've been considering asking for an altruistic donation in return for us delivering our program to their employees pro bono. Equity is at the heart of our program, and if we can unlock corporate support, it could be a way to give more people the skills to self-advocate while funding underserved communities and schools!

Our mission is to advance health literacy, along with the life and social skills that people are lacking in order to self-advocate. People should have buy-in and believe they are "allowed" to speak up for themselves. We are currently a 100% volunteer organization, including our board. We are hoping for funds to advertise, build capacity, and to fund our Ambassador and train the trainer programs (where this project comes in!).

We are currently working in the School-Based Health Center located at Norwalk High School in Norwalk, CT. Last year we spent 6 months working with kids within the P-Tech program at that same high school. 100% of all participants learned at least one new skill in each module they took, 70% learned three or more new skills in every module they took.

This volunteer will brainstorm directly with me, the organizational lead. Our nonprofit also has an advisory and executive board that we can work with as needed! We have research on funding leads compiled in an Excel document and ready to share.


Nonprofit Overview

The Healthcare Navigation Project is an independent 501(c)(3) intentionally designed to disrupt our complex healthcare system with a health literacy and mental health life-skills program for ALL youth transitioning to adult care (HCT). This includes rare or chronic disease, underserved communities, or those with educational disabilities.


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