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Coyote Central
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Seattle, Washington
Brand Development

Posted March 13
Member since 2019-10-29

Project Overview

Help Coyote Central build a brand guide! I am looking to create a guide for our nonprofit that will codify our visual brand system using our existing logo and color palette. I am also hoping to create a basic set of branded assets to use as branded templates for program outreach & recruiting (ex: flyers, posters, one-page brochure, and a social media asset with light motion). This will help us establish a solid identity that can help with program promotion and funder development.

Coyote Central is a 38-year-old nonprofit that provides creative classes for young people throughout the greater Seattle area. Our mission has always been to make a variety of creative mediums (woodworking, welding, cooking, fashion design, animation, etc.) accessible to as many young people as possible, and we have built a solid reputation with families and the larger community for providing quality programming. However, our branding has struggled to remain distinct and consistent.

In the past 38 years, our logo has changed at least three times, and we have never had a brand guide to direct design decisions or aid in content creation. This has significantly affected our capacity to promote ourselves effectively. Now, we find ourselves in a new era of self-promotion, as our founding Program Director and Executive Director have recently retired and with them have gone a large portion of our financial supporters. We are learning to market ourselves again, and this brand guide will help us solidify our identity and attract new program participants and funders.

We started a consultation with a designer in 2023, but they were unable to complete the project. They were able to provide us with a new logo in three different variations, a color palette, results from a community survey asking them what they consider our general vibe to be, and three mood board options. So, we have a good start.

Now we just need to complete certain elements (finalizing fonts, creating assets, etc.) and put it into a cohesive document that could be passed on to a future Communications Manager. This guide will also help with the creation of repeated content (such as our quarterly class flyers) so that those designs don't have to be made from scratch each time.


Nonprofit Overview

Coyote Central sparks creativity in young people, putting tools in their hands to build skills and forge their future.


Brand strategy
Graphic design