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Foundation For Climate Restoration
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
South Pasadena, California
Public Relations

Posted March 15
Member since 2024-03-13

Project Overview

Our nonprofit is launching a PR campaign to amplify our climate restoration message. Our goals are to secure media placements and social media engagement that highlight the urgency and impact of our work. Specifically, we aim to achieve:

-25 TV Spots: Collaborate with local and national TV stations to feature our initiatives, focusing on impactful storytelling and our community's efforts.
-50 Radio Spots: Partner with radio stations for interviews and spotlights, targeting diverse audiences to broaden our reach.
-100 Traditional Media Placements: Secure articles and features in newspapers, magazines, and online platforms, emphasizing our mission.
-100k Social Media Hits: Implement a strategic social media campaign across platforms, utilizing engaging content, partnerships, and possibly targeted ads to generate significant online interaction and support.

We are happy to learn from your expertise and adjust these goals based on recommendations. This volunteer will help us craft a comprehensive approach that will build awareness, mobilize support, and drive action towards climate restoration. We invite skilled PR professionals passionate about making a difference to join us!

We're on an urgent mission to address the climate crisis—a reality where the effects of extreme weather are already devastating lives and ecosystems. This project isn't just another campaign; it's a chance to mitigate human suffering and guide our environment back to equilibrium. Your expertise can save lives, preserve nature, and ensure a stable future for generations to come. Let's unite our skills and passions to make a difference when it matters most. Your time and talent can be part of the solution to one of the most critical challenges of our era. We're a team here because we're truly all in this together.

We've laid a solid foundation for our campaign, mapping out key messages, identifying target media outlets, and working on a social media strategy. With a professional's expertise, we plan to refine our approach, engage with media contacts, and execute a targeted outreach that ensures our message resonates widely. Our preparation, combined with professional guidance, will enable us to launch a dynamic campaign poised to make a significant impact on climate awareness and action.

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to meeting you!


Nonprofit Overview

The mission of the Foundation For Climate Restoration is to generate the social license and will to restore the climate. Our vision is climate restoration by 2050. and we want climate restoration to become the overarching goal of climate action by the end of this decade.


Marketing management
Public relations
Media relations