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Helping Youth Through Providing Educational Opportunities
4 - 5 weeks
Can be done remotely
Atlanta, Georgia
Brand Development

Posted March 29
Member since 2024-03-27

Project Overview

We would like someone to lead us through a rebrand/brand refresh. Through a series of recent stakeholder interviews, we found that while people know our founder, they don't necessarily know our organization, and they certainly don't know it by our full name. We need to figure out whether our name clearly articulates our vision (or if we even need a lengthy name at all), and establish consistent brand guidelines to help us establish a recognizable mark in the surrounding area.

HYPE is a seven-year-old organization that is known to do amazing work. In a recent stakeholder analysis, we received amazing feedback about our programs, the value we provide to the community, and even the ease of working with our team. People know us best by our abbreviated name (HYPE), but there is likely no brand recognition in the field for the organization known as Helping Youth by providing Educational Opportunities.

We have conducted a stakeholder analysis of several internal and external stakeholder groups, and have lots of feedback about how people perceive our brand vs how we want them to perceive it. We recently hired a marketing manager whose job it is to establish and enforce our new brand guidelines -- once we figure out what those are.


Nonprofit Overview

To plug the leaky tech pipeline problem for women and girls of color by building a tech talent network through intentional exploration, education, and empowerment.


Marketing strategy
Brand strategy