Institute for the Next Jewish Future d/b/a Judaism Unbound
4 - 5 weeks
Can be done remotely
Chicago, Illinois

Posted April 16
Member since 2018-05-09

This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Project Overview

We are seeking a volunteer experienced in evaluation to craft a brief survey for our nonprofit as we look to better understand our community.

Judaism Unbound is a digitally driven, radically open center for education serving as a catalyst for an entirely new era of Judaism. We empower regular Jews who are disenchanted with or disconnected from mainstream Judaism to develop new ways of living Jewishly. Our audience includes not just those who identify as Jewish but many people who are interested in learning more about Jewish ritual, practice and wisdom. We do this through the Judaism Unbound podcast, which has been downloaded over 2 million times in its 8 years of existence, through online classes in our "UnYeshiva" and through holiday and other special programming.

We have not surveyed our community since 2019 and very much need to do so in order to obtain qualitative and quantitative data for use in our fundraising, stategic planning, and program development.

This is a high priority for us because as a fully-digital organization it can be very hard for us to demonstrate our impact. We know from selected outreach that we are having a signficant impact, but we very much need to be able to show this in order to attract funders. We need help in analyzing survey data and completing a report we can provide to funders and other third parties.We have begun drafting a brief (6-question) survey which will be finalized soon. We have created an account with a company called Cognito Forms which has a number of tools to create and publish the survey and analyze survey data.


Nonprofit Overview

The mission of Judaism Unbound is to give all Jews the confidence to take ownership of Jewish traditions, to be unafraid to experiment with and re-imagine Jewish practices, and to take an active role in shaping a Jewish future with like-minded others in which Judaism’s ancient wisdom is a force for building a better world.

We envision a Jewish future that is unbound from certain structures and institutions that have defined Judaism in the past. By unbundling and remixing these traditions, we can develop a form of Judaism that sustains and fulfills people intellectually, morally, and spiritually--a form of Judaism that provides individuals and small groups with the tools to create their own spiritual practices; a form of Judaism that can be practiced anywhere, anytime, and that is open and accessible to Jews of all backgrounds, as well as to non-Jews who may have an affinity for what they know of Judaism and would like to explore further.

Judaism Unbound exists to create a movement of re-imagination that will be better suited to the near future, and that might last for centuries. We will do this by providing inspiring content, bringing Jews together online and in person for collaborative experimentation and easy, low-cost access to high-quality Jewish education.


Market research
Program development
Data science
Data visualization