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Posted April 21
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Project Overview

We are working hard to raise funds for our nonprofit by presenting fundraising events this summer and fall. I would like the support of skilled volunteers to help us organize and execute a Zumbathon, Spoken Word Poetry Showcase and Literacy Walk. Join Us in Empowering Communities Through Literacy & Wellness! Passionate about making a difference? We need you! LIFT2Enrich is expanding to Douglas and West Cobb, areas with high poverty and dropout rates. Our upcoming events - Zumbathon, Poetry Slam, and Literacy Walk - are vital fundraisers.

Why Your Time Matters:
Our small board needs your help to make these events successful. Your creativity and dedication will directly impact 70 more children, elevating their writing skills, increasing their confidence, and preparing them for careers in writing.

Your Impact:
Volunteering as an event planner means driving change where it's needed most. You'll help us open doors of opportunity for underserved communities.

Meaningful Contribution
Professional Development
Networking Opportunities
Personal Fulfillment
Ready to make a difference? Contact us to become an event planner. Let's lift communities together! Thank you for considering LIFT2Enrich. Let's create a brighter future! 📚💃For the project, we've taken several key steps to ensure its success:
-Board Approval: We've presented the fundraisers to our board of directors for approval, gaining the necessary support and resources to move forward with confidence.

-Location Scouting: We've diligently scouted locations for the events, ensuring they are accessible, suitable, and aligned with our goals of raising awareness and funds for our cause.

-Volunteer Outreach: We've proactively reached out to potential volunteers, mobilizing a team of dedicated individuals who are eager to contribute their time and skills to make these events a resounding success.

Once the project is complete, our implementation plan includes:
-Event Execution: We will seamlessly execute the Zumbathon, Poetry Slam, and Literacy Walk, leveraging the groundwork we've laid in terms of location scouting and volunteer recruitment to ensure smooth operations.

-Community Engagement: Through these events, we will actively engage the community, fostering conversations about the importance of literacy and wellness while rallying support for our cause.

-Fund Utilization: The funds raised will be allocated strategically to support our expansion efforts into Douglas and West Cobb, enabling us to reach and impact an additional 70 children in need.

-Overall, our preparations and implementation plan are geared towards maximizing the impact of these fundraisers and advancing our mission of empowering underserved communities through literacy and wellness initiatives.


Nonprofit Overview

Elevating the next generation of creative writers with programs that prepare students for the real world.


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