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Hand International Inc
4 - 5 weeks
Can be done remotely
Miami, Florida
Copy writing/editing
3 projects

Posted April 21
Member since 2020-01-06

Project Overview

We’re seeking a volunteer to write 2-10 social media posts for our nonprofit. We use Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter. These posts may cover the following topics:
-Introduction to our organization’s work
-Examples of our community impact
-Donation requests or similar calls to action
-Membership sign-up
-Educational information about the mission

Our mission is to provide sustainable assistance to children and families in difficulties. At Hand International Inc., we are very passionate about helping others; hence the definition of "HAND" Human Assistance for Necessary Development. We understand that social media is a great tool to reach a wide audience, but unfortunately, this is one skill we don't have and we would like a skilled volunteer who agrees with our mission to come on board and give us a helping hand.

A great mission is nothing if nobody hears about it. In today's age, social media can help do just that. We can't fulfill our mission if we do not have the important funds. Our call to action must be clear to attract donors to give to our organization. Please join us and help us put our message out there for many to see it and at the same time grow awareness and our pages.

We have a dedicated team member for the project who will provide you with examples of our previous social media posts, the specific number of posts and topics we’d like, as well as key points for each. Our volunteers will be provided with information on our key audiences and organizational key messages.


Nonprofit Overview

To provide sustainable assistance to children and families in difficulties.


Social media strategy
Copy writing