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Posted April 29
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Project Overview

Lend your creative business development strategy expertise to a disaster relief nonprofit!

We have developed a platform that will change the face of disaster response for hyper-local communities, and need your help to develop a sustainable revenue strategy to support it. We need to develop ROI messaging for potential funders, sponsors, etc., and a plan to reach out to potential supporters as well as how we can acknowledge and include them.

World Cares Center’s mission is to reduce the harm, suffering, and loss caused by disasters by empowering underserved, at-risk communities to prevent everyday accidents and react as educated and skilled ready responders when disasters occur. WCC believes that resiliency is best promoted when all facets of communities are prepared to respond to disasters together to mitigate their inherent risks, thereby reducing human and economic loss and suffering. Everyone can be a Ready Responder! Website:

We have developed a platform that will change the face of disaster response for Hyper-local communities and we need your help to develop a sustainable strategy to support it.

We have started a 5-year strategy outline and need help filling in the business development details. Your role in contributing revenue generation specifics will help set us up for sustainability and your new ideas will spark creative ways to achieve our goals.


Nonprofit Overview

World Cares Center was founded in the midst of the 9/11 relief effort to provide training and support to responders and disaster volunteers. Since 9-11 our service have expanded across the globe.


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