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XBOT Robotics
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Seattle, Washington
Accounting & Finance

Posted May 09
Member since 2023-12-18

Project Overview

We're looking for a volunteer knowledgeable in QuickBooks Online Plus nonprofit edition to make recommendations of how we (I) can be more efficient at using it.

I believe I understand all the mechanics of using QB, but I'm very disappointed by how long it seems to take me to do tasks. Specifically, I'm looking for someone to become familiar with how we use QB and to make recommendations for improvement. Some of the specific questions I know I have are the following:
-Am I wasting time by entering some transactions as bills rather than as expenses?
-Do I need to enter payroll as a journal entry or would it be faster (and just as good) to do it as a bill or as an expenditure? (We use Paychex for payroll.)
-This year, we're putting a strong emphasis on fundraising, so we'll hopefully have new donors to add and more donations to enter. What are efficient ways to enter new donors and their donations?
-Would it be advantageous for us to upgrade to QBO Advanced to be able to upload transactions from a spreadsheet?
-Am I efficient at QBO and it's that my time is going elsewhere for the organization?
-Would it be worthwhile to XBOT Robotics to hire a part-time bookkeeper?

We are a volunteer, working board. We had an ED for 18 months but needed to eliminate the position for financial reasons. We hope to be able to hire an ED again in a few months but, until then, how we each spend our time is very important to getting our work done. I don't have any accounting background but am very comfortable around technology and numbers (BS in Computer Science, taught math grade 5-12 for 11 years). I know how to do the bookkeeping but feel I'm very slow at it. If I could reduce the time I spend on bookkeeping, I'd be able to turn to other tasks that need doing.

Ideally, the skilled volunteer would be willing to learn what we need to do and how we currently do it by being our bookkeeper for 2-3 months. (Over the past 5 months, we've averaged 47 transactions per month in our checking account, ranging from 32 - 65 transactions. Our 2024 budget is $430K.) That would have the side benefit to our organization of allowing me to get other things done. But if that's not possible, we'll happily take my continuing to be the bookkeeper. In either case, I expect to meet regularly with the skilled volunteer.

I became the bookkeeper in 2019, when we were using QB Desktop. I switched us to QB Online effective Jan 1, 2023. I'm familiar with the software, but not necessarily with best accounting practices. I've also realized that I was doing some things the long way. I'm very eager to learn how to be more efficient at the bookkeeping -- or to be told that it would be better for the organization for us to find someone else to do it. Time is a precious commodity, and I don't want to waste it out of ignorance.


Nonprofit Overview

Inspire and prepare underserved students to pursue STEAM learning and careers through mentored robotics competitions and hands-on projects.