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Leaving The Jar
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Chantilly, Virginia
Grant writing/development

Posted May 09
Member since 2021-01-16

Project Overview

Our nonprofit is seeking a skilled volunteer to assist our team in navigating grants websites, identifying relevant funding opportunities, and completing a grant proposal template.

The volunteer's project responsibilities will include conducting a thorough search on grants platforms, compiling a list of potential grants (5-10) aligned with our organization's mission and programs, and providing guidance on the application process. With the volunteer's expertise, we aim to streamline our grant-seeking efforts, maximize our chances of securing funding, and further our mission of supporting survivors of human trafficking. Join us in leveraging grant opportunities to make a lasting impact on those in need

Join us in the fight against human trafficking with Leaving the Jar. As a grant writer, your skills are crucial in helping us secure funding to expand our reach and provide comprehensive support to survivors. With your expertise, we can achieve our mission of breaking the cycle of exploitation and empowering survivors to reclaim their lives. Your contribution as a grant writer is essential in creating a future where every individual is free to pursue their dreams without fear or constraint. Join us today and be part of the solution.

Our team has begun familiarizing ourselves with its interface and functionalities, ensuring we can efficiently navigate through the available resources and funding opportunities. We have also identified key areas where assistance is needed, such as refining our search criteria to find grants aligned with our organization's mission and programs. Moving forward, once the project is complete, we plan to utilize the insights and resources gained from the grant website to strategically pursue funding opportunities.


Nonprofit Overview

Rescue and transition any woman and child out of human trafficking and prostitution to a free life that is rooted in love, hope, and a clear path to successful rehabilitation.


Grant writing