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Florida Disability Access and Awareness Foundation Inc.
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Gainesville, Florida
Mobile Development
2 projects

Posted October 02
Member since 2016-12-10

Project Overview

Florida Disability Access and Awareness Foundation is a non-profit based in Gainesville, Florida boasting a diverse international team. Our primary goal is to bring issues people face every day to a bigger stage. We’re looking for 2D Game Artists to join our team and accomplish this with us. Our current project is a mobile game/Facebook app that promotes accessibility of public places. We look for someone to help us design the visual aspects of the user experience and the look and feel of the game.
Turning accessibility into a game with simple yet attractive game play teaches the general public about accessible design and the need for more accessibility of public places. Empathy and awareness of the needs of the disability community are our mission. But talking about social issues can have a fun and modern form. Think "Candy Crush" with a heart and purpose.
We are working with coders, developers and accessibility consultants and we hope to unleash it by year's end on Facebook, Apple and Google app stores.

Nonprofit Overview

Florida Disability Access and Awareness Foundation believes that the key to a more inclusive, understanding, empathetic and accessible society is changing perceptions and taking on stereotypes the XXI century way. We develop media, games and technology projects that change the way people think about disabilities, while allowing our volunteers and interns to explore their talents and develop things that are unique and impactful.


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