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Business Planning

Posted January 04
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This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.

Project Overview

We are seeking a grant writer to help us aquire a grant to fund... a part time grant writer:)
The Wild Hope is a 3-year old startup that launched our free equine therapy program for survivors of sex trafficking in Oct. 2020. This is a Pilot Program and while it is running we are turning our attention toward developing the business and recruiting skilled team members to help us make the vision a reality. We all work fulltime in addition to getting TWH off the ground and would be so blessed to have some help in getting some funds to support paying a part time grant writer for the organization.
Over the past 8 months we have updated our mission and messaging to provide clearer communication about TWH. We are in a position to provide content to a volunteer to complete grant applications for the org. Our goal is to secure funding for a part time grant writer that could help us apply for grants in the areas of general operating expenses, new program development, funding for therapists and equine professionals as well as an ED/CEO.

Nonprofit Overview

We see how deeply survivors of complex trauma are suffering, often alone and unseen. The Wild Hope is an emerging equine therapy center committed to providing a safe space to heal and foster belonging because survivors deserve to enjoy a rich life of connection and meaning.

We Do This Through:
• Equine Assisted Therapy & Programs
• Connected Horsemanship
• Supportive Relationships and Community
• Collaborative Partnerships

We strive to:
 Provide safety
 Be trauma focused
 Be vulnerable and courageous
 Be grace based and flexible

Survivors of complex trauma and their families, including:
 Human trafficking
 Sexual abuse, assault and violence
 Commercial sexual exploitation
 Childhood (developmental) trauma
 Domestic abuse/violence
Adults and children ages 6+; Individuals, Families, Groups.

Many survivors of complex trauma are suffering alone in silence. Research tells us that without support they are likely to be overtaken by depression, addiction and hopelessness resulting in loss of work and housing, broken relationships and even death.

The Wild Hope provides a safe space to heal and foster belonging through supportive relationships with horses and humans. Survivors deserve to heal so they can enjoy a meaningful life including safe housing, fulfilling employment, the capacity to build lasting friendships and families of their own.

Because no one was meant to do this life alone.


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