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Jeff's Place Recovery Center
Atlanta, Georgia
Grant writing/development

Member since 2022-11-29

Session Overview

I am having a hard time finding grants for non-profits in Atlanta, GA. I am also puzzled about how to navigate non-religious grant writing because our recovery center is run and managed by a Jewish community center. I am wondering if I should bypass the religious aspect altogether since I see several grants are specifically non-religious. Currently Jeff's Place Recovery Center hosts and manages 12-step meetings, which are non-religious, and we want to expand meetings and also add spiritual groups and Jewish events. I have help available to me but I am the only employee of this recovery center and I am not even full-time yet given most of our projects are barely off the ground. I would like to talk to an experienced non-profit professional who can give me an idea of what I should be doing with my time, where my priorities lie, help direct my research, and give me insight on life in the non-profit sector.


Nonprofit Overview

Jeff's Place is an open, welcoming and safe environment to all those seeking support and guidance. Established in 2018 in everlasting memory of Jeff (Moishe) Kraus, today Jeff’s Place hosts regular 12-Step meetings and spiritual classes, with plans to expand upon Alcoholics Anonymous' recovery concept for the entire Atlanta community. We want to make Jeff's Place more than just a physical meeting place; but rather, a living entity dedicated to those struggling with substance use abuse, those in recovery, and their loved ones.

Jeff’s Place supports all those who struggle to find a spiritual path to healthier living while adding a much-needed resource for the Jewish population, for whom substance abuse is heavily stigmatized. Many people don’t know how to get the help they need; moreover, Jews in active addiction and recovery are often isolated and have little to no resources within their spiritual communities. Rabbis and loved ones rarely know enough about addiction and recovery. Programs, services and literature provided by Jeff’s Place can fill that void and further bring the recovery community together while doing so.


Grant writing