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Friends of the New Orleans Public Library
New Orleans, Louisiana
Marketing Strategy

Member since 2023-02-03

This session is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Session Overview

I was hired as the Executive Director of Friends in April 2022 and have spent the past 10 months organizing accounting practices, reaching out to shareholders, and building relationships with library administration and staff. The next thing to address is the lack of a coherent strategy for social media engagement. Our needs are twofold -To provide information about our ongoing used book sales, one of our biggest areas of revenue, and to thank our sponsors and donors. Specifically, I am looking for help crafting a strategy that ties to our calendar of events and hands-on instruction in how to create visually appealing posts. I am an excellent writer but need help with finding the right tools to craft and schedule posts. We are planning on doing a strategic planning process this year but that is for naught if we cannot communicate it to our supporters. Based on surveys, most of them find out about our activities through social media.


Nonprofit Overview

Friends of the New Orleans Public Library (FNOPL) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for and supporting New Orleans Public Library (NOPL) programming, services and staff development by engaging with and strengthening the diverse Greater New Orleans Community and promoting literacy for all.

Since 1957, FNOPL has underwritten vital library programming. In addition to the summer reading program, skill building workshops and adult literacy programs, FNOPL provides scholarships for NOPL librarians to pursue advanced degrees. Our volunteers support our work by providing thousands of volunteer service hours each year to further bridge the gap where city funding ends.


Social media strategy
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