Salt and Light Collaborative, Inc.
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Board Development

Posted October 19
Member since 2021-03-12

This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.

Project Overview

The pro bono consultant assesses the nonprofit’s current strategic priorities, board role, board structure, and conducts a needs analysis. The consultant then identifies an ideal board structure, recruitment process, and board position profiles.

We need to recruit board members with experience in strategic planning and fundraising. We want to attract board members who are invested in the community, believe in the importance of mental health.

We will evaluate our current board members and board needs. We will implement the project into our strategic plan to recruit board members. We will use the project to expand our board with additional qualified candidates.


Nonprofit Overview

Salt and Light Collaborative's mission is simple: Build up people, Build up communities, and Back up faith-based organizations. Simple words that mean complicated things.

We want to help build up people by helping them to heal from trauma, develop skills to foster emotional growth and health, and overcome obstacles in their lives.

We want to build up communities by introducing programs that treat community issues holistically and together through collaboration. We are better together!

We want to back up faith-based organizations through training, workshops, and coaching to equip them to address spiritual and mental health issues. We want to provide churches with the tools and resources to help them confidently serve their members.


Board development
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