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Initiative for Equality
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Posted September 13
Member since 2016-05-17

Project Overview

Facebook is important for getting our message out, but recently we haven't been able to post videos, boost posts, or place ads. We tried to follow all the steps with no success. We need help in understanding what went wrong and how to fix it!

We have had some big successes lately - winning a major lawsuit to help Indigenous people and building a global pandemic education network - but we need to be able to communicate these with the public. Our members around the world are counting on our ability to speak out!

We have an experienced social media volunteer, a skilled tech committee in place, and a detailed plan to roll out a series of posts to spread our main messages. We just need accurate advice on how to interface with Facebook under their new rules.


Nonprofit Overview

Our mission is to fight for a more equitable world. We facilitate the empowerment and participation of people who have been socially, economically or politically marginalized. We promote more equitable political and economic systems, and coordinate citizen monitoring of governments and corporations. We help civil society groups around the world share information, develop advocacy strategies, and take collective action towards more equitable and sustainable development.


Marketing strategy
Social media strategy
Content management