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Amigos Internacionales, Inc.
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Commerce, Texas
Marketing Strategy
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Posted June 22
Member since 2017-06-12

Project Overview

We are a nonprofit focused on rescuing children in Uganda, Africa from sex trafficking. We have a Google Ad Grant and have developed a number of ads, but they're not working well. Most of them are not showing up on searches. We need assistance to scale up our usage of the grants and build our support for our efforts.We are rescuing children in Uganda from sex trafficking. We are starting construction on our second home which will house 150 children. We currently have 28 children that we are completely responsible for the food, clothes, education, and medical needs. We need to scale and build support to continue this great work. You can find out more at
We currently have a number of ads up and running, we need skilled volunteers to assist us in making them more effective in lead generation, conversions, and clicks.


Nonprofit Overview

Amigos Internacionales, Inc. was founded in 1967 to provide emergency services and disaster relief help throughout the world. Amigos, primary focus is facilitating the meeting of needs of people around the globe. We accomplish this through limited partnerships and individuals personally volunteering to help, peoples' needs are met and lives are bettered


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