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Charitable Insurance Solutions
4 - 5 weeks
Can be done remotely
Laguna Niguel, California

Posted August 05
Member since 2022-05-12

Project Overview

Our nonprofit needs to create audience personas and is looking for a volunteer who can assist with this short-term project.

We are a start-up nonprofit with a bold mission. Our challenge right now is narrowing down:
-who we should be targeting with our messaging
-where we should be advertising
-what our messaging focus should be

We've identified potential core audience segments and now need a volunteer to conduct research on that population. The end deliverable we'll be working towards together is a collection of 2-4 audience personas and recommendations for how our organization's messaging can target their unique needs, wants, and interests. We've prepared for this project through a consultation with a Taproot Plus consultant and are excited & motivated to get going!We appreciate all volunteers immensely! Following the successful completion of this project, we would be more than willing to provide a LinkedIn recommendation, reference, confirmation of hours donated, etc. The volunteer for this project will work directly with the leader/founder of our organization. We are fully invested in the success of this research and persona development work and are prepared for any and all knowledge transfer that our pro bono consultant requires. The outcomes of this project will immediately be used by our nonprofit to shape our marketing strategy. This may be a quick project but it will impact our organization's ability to reach people and drive huge amounts of impact.


Nonprofit Overview

We're dedicated to insuring the retirement savings needed for the Basic Cost of Living of American retirees and working families. This allows us to support other charities with substantial donations from our commissions. With some $20 Trillion in retirement funds now sitting in Mutual Funds, it creates an existential threat to the financial security of millions of Americans in recurring stock market crashes and recessions. It is paramount for that investment model to be changed to include a guaranteed lifetime income that covers the Basic Cost of Living in retirement. This was already the case for a century from the 1870s to the 1970s - after which Wall Street was allowed by Congress in 1979 to replace safe pensions with risk-driven 401(k)s. To counter that, Congress passed The SECURE Act of 2019 [partly] to help with excessive market risk in retirement portfolios, but much more needs to be done. Our newly-formed nonprofit can help with that by providing the investing public with actionable advice to secure their retirement income. This will, in turn, allow us to donate a substantial portion of our commissions to other charitable organizations. It's a win-win.


Marketing strategy
Market research
User experience design