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IRAISE Girls & Boys International Corporation
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
New York, New York
Brand Development

Posted February 08
Member since 2018-07-11

Project Overview

We are seeking experienced volunteers to assist us in launching our new online and in-person programs in the Atlanta region. Specifically, we require assistance with branding and marketing of our programs. Collaborating with our Marketing Supervisor, the volunteer Marketing and Brand Strategist will be responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive marketing plan aimed at reaching the youth and families of Atlanta. The strategist will craft compelling brand messaging and positioning that resonates with the Atlanta community. They will also oversee all marketing activities, including both online and offline channels.

This project is a priority for our organization as we expand our services to reach youths in Atlanta. You will gain hands-on experience in marketing and branding for a program in the Atlanta market, aimed at engaging with youth. This project will challenge your creativity and leadership skills.

We are dedicated to completing this project. You will be collaborating with our Marketing Supervisor and CEO to help us launch this program in Atlanta.


Nonprofit Overview

I’RAISE Girls & Boys International Corporation mission is to provide a holistic program aimed at fostering and improving the socio-emotional well-being and educational outcomes in youth ages 4-21 years of age in urban NYC communities. Through providing effective and relevant youth development services, we also aim to enrich and develop under-resourced communities and schools that gears young people for life success. The programs, resources, and services that we provide are completely free. At I'RAISE it is not about money but rather the impactful positive changes we make in parents and childrens lives and support families who are in low-income communities whether in-person or virtually!


Marketing strategy