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6 - 9 weeks
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Chattanooga, Tennessee
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Posted February 12
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Project Overview

Our team is currently seeking help from a volunteer that is great with graphic design. We would like to have several short, straightforward, eye-catching one-pagers and posters to share on several of our social media platforms. We believe in being of service to others while promoting diversity, encouraging others to be kind, and utilizing one's creative talents.

Please help us with our new campaign ideas! HMF will launch a new event campaign in 2024, "One World, One Voice: The Art of Being Kind," with the sole purpose of celebrating diversity and unity by using art as a medium to spread kindness throughout the local community. The campaign focuses on four major project divisions, stimulating creativity, discovery, and education.

HMF's Emergency Community Response provides hands-on service during emergencies, while "The Art of Being Kind" uses art-related initiatives to connect people through shared experiences. The General Community Service works with various organizations to provide free coats to those in need, promoting kindness and unity in Chattanooga.

If you are someone with fresh ideas and vibrancy, then we really need your help! As we continue in the mission to keep others encouraged, promote diversity, and display how an act of kindness can make a difference, we definitely need the help of a professional who can help simplify that message in one fun, energetic, and colorful creative to help tell our story and service.

The Executive Director will provide a personal number/email to be readily available if you need assistance at any time of the day or night. We are highly experienced in working with Taproot volunteers and are prepared to prioritize this partnership. The board has already given the go-ahead to approve any suggestions you may have to help with the design.


Nonprofit Overview

The Hunter Memorial Mural aims to revitalize Chattanooga, celebrate our community’s rich diversity, and cultivate unity among its people. We aim to tell a visual story that communicates the past, present and future stories of the community. Our goal is to connect people, personalize spaces and activate civic dialogue to develop and sustain the revitalization of our shared environments, through helping create culturally vibrant and livable communities.


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