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Developing Radio Partners Inc.
6 - 9 weeks
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Washington, D.C.

Posted February 21
Member since 2024-01-30

Project Overview

We are undertaking a rebranding, changing our name, and are seeking to update our logo. Developing Radio Partners was established in 2004 to help local radio stations in sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the developing world be more impactful in addressing critical local issues. The result is stronger communities, raising the voices of marginalized people, better healthcare, curbing child marriage, reducing the spread of malaria, and more.

We are rebranding the organization as Developing Media Partners to reflect our move into television, podcasting, and social media.

As a small organization, a great majority of our funding goes to the field, and we don't have the resources to invest in a rebranding effort. It would be wonderful to attract a pro-bono designer who could help us update our logo and give us a new look.

Developing Radio Partners has expanded from working in sub-Saharan Africa over the last 20 years. A project with the World Bank on Indigenous Peoples' climate resilience took us to Asia and Latin America. We are now in conversation with National Geographic on a new pilot series that will bring lessons from cultures across the world to local communities worldwide through interactive community media.

We are a small but mighty team, with most of our funding coming for projects and little for discretionary use. Renaming the organization to better capture what we do and rebranding to match could be seen as an organization with a broader vision.

While our attention is on building the brand through successful projects, we could use help in building the brand visually and digitally.

The rebranding is underway. We've secured a new domain name. And we've identified the steps we need to take to launch with a new name. Our executive director is leading the effort, the board has signed off on the change, and a volunteer intern is helping with the process.

Once the logo is redesigned, we are prepared to use it on our website, letterhead, business cards, and all visual and digital assets of the organization.


Nonprofit Overview

Developing Radio Partners works to improve lives by empowering community-based broadcast and social media worldwide. Programming supports local efforts to raise awareness about critical issues, share information, and support changes in behavior. DRP engagements help reduce health risks, curb environmental degradation, empower women and strengthen communities.


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