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Compassionate Reprieve
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Atlanta, Georgia
Sales and Customer Service

Posted February 21
Member since 2024-02-14

Project Overview

We're looking for a volunteer to help us with outreach and introduce our organization and services to prisons. Here is a 9-week project summary for the role of Compassionate Reprieve Outreach Coordinator:

Week 1-2: Orientation and Strategy Development
- Volunteer onboarding and familiarization with Compassionate Reprieve's mission and protocols.
- Creation of an outreach strategy and contact list development, identifying key prison facilities and officials for engagement.

Week 3-4: Initial Outreach
- Begin contacting prisons, introducing Compassionate Reprieve services, and documenting initial responses.
- Refinement of the outreach message based on feedback and initial reactions.

Week 5-6: Continued Outreach and Engagement
- Steady continuation of outreach efforts, aiming to cover all identified contacts.
- Start of follow-up communications with prisons that showed initial interest or requested more information.

Week 7: Evaluation and Feedback Integration
- Assessment of the outreach campaign's effectiveness thus far.
- Integration of feedback into the outreach strategy to enhance communication and engagement.

Week 8: Expanded Outreach
- Extending outreach to any newly identified prisons or re-engaging with previous contacts.
- Addressing any challenges encountered and adjusting the approach as needed.

Week 9: Reporting and Future Planning*
- Finalization of documentation and a comprehensive report on outreach activities, outcomes, and recommendations for future efforts.
- Debrief with Compassionate Reprieve's team to discuss potential next steps and ongoing engagement strategies.

Our mission at Compassionate Reprieve is heartfelt and simple: to ensure that no one has to miss the chance to say a final goodbye to their loved ones, no matter where they are. With our funeral streaming services, we're breaking down the barriers of prison walls, allowing inmates to be there in spirit when it matters most. It's about providing a moment of peace, a touch of normalcy, in an otherwise challenging time. Volunteering with us means you're not just offering a service; you're giving someone the gift of closure and the comfort of connection during a deeply personal moment. Let's come together to make these important goodbyes possible. Join us, and be part of something truly meaningful, helping to bridge hearts and soften the pain of farewell with the warmth of compassion.

To initiate the funeral streaming service, Compassionate Reprieve has meticulously prepared by setting up advanced streaming technology tailored for secure and respectful broadcasts. Understanding the importance of empathy in these moments, we've rigorously trained our volunteers to manage the technical aspects of streaming while providing emotional support with sensitivity and discretion. The implementation will be structured and compassionate. Requests for our streaming service can be made by inmates or their families through a straightforward and respectful process. Following a request, we engage in detailed planning with all involved parties, ensuring every logistical and technical detail is addressed for the day of the service.

On the day of the funeral, our volunteers will oversee the live stream, ensuring a smooth and dignified experience. Post-service, we extend our support to the bereaved by offering recordings of the service and access to grief counseling, emphasizing our commitment to compassionate support.

We aim to collect feedback from participants to continuously refine our service, ensuring it remains sensitive to the needs of those we serve. Through this initiative, Compassionate Reprieve aspires to provide a bridge of connection and closure, allowing those incarcerated to partake in a crucial aspect of human connection despite physical barriers.


Nonprofit Overview

We are a Georgia-based nonprofit corporation that provides streaming funeral services to inmates, allowing them the opportunity to grieve virtually with family. At Compassionate Reprieve, we believe in the power of human connection to heal and comfort, especially in times of loss and grief. Our mission is to provide a bridge of empathy and understanding for those who are unable to be physically present during life's most challenging moments. We specialize in offering live-streaming funeral services and comprehensive bereavement support, specifically tailored to the needs of incarcerated individuals and their families.