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Stand with Iraqi Christians
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Radnor, Pennsylvania
Grant writing/development

Posted February 22
Member since 2024-02-17

Project Overview

We need help with grant writing to create a community center for victims of genocide that would provide mental health and professional development services. The target grant goal is $200k per center. The task would involve identifying possible grants and submitting LOIs/applications.

Iraq’s diverse and historic Christian communities, most of whom are ethnic/racial minorities, have been catastrophically reduced in number since 2003. Once numbered at over 1 million twenty years ago, they now stand at less than 250,000, enduring homelessness and injustice as a result of conflict and the ISIS genocide. The period of displacement lasted approximately 4 years, disrupting children’s education substantially. It is estimated that approximately 3,000 schools were severely damaged in the Nineveh Plains as a result of the ISIS invasion.

Subsequently, an entire generation of Iraqi Christians are now entering their first years of employment with an education that, at best, is limited, and at worst non-existent as a result of the ISIS displacement. Their parents are also struggling to restore livelihoods destroyed by ISIS. All are struggling with severe mental health issues related to genocide. SWIC seeks to establish community centers that would address these needs, restoring peace and social cohesion.

We have identified implementing partners in Iraq and have developed all materials related to writing grants, such as draft LOIs, program statements, detailed budgets, etc. We also have a list of possible granting institutions. We need someone to help put this together and submit it to the grant institutions, as well as develop new possible sources of funding that we could submit to. Our project team meets weekly, and the volunteer would be invited to attend as much or as little as would be helpful.


Nonprofit Overview

Our mission is to offer friendship and financial assistance to Iraqi Christians and their communities as they work to restore peace, rebuild society, and secure a future for their children.

*Iraqi Christians are designated by the United Nations as victims of genocide under ISIS.


Grant writing