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College Station, Texas
Accounting & Finance
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Posted February 22
Member since 2023-10-10

Project Overview

We are seeking an experienced tax professional to volunteer their time and expertise in reviewing our organization's annual IRS 990 Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax. This role is crucial in ensuring the accuracy and compliance of our tax filings, maintaining our tax-exempt status, and upholding transparency and accountability to our stakeholders.

- Review the completed IRS 990 tax return in detail, ensuring that all information is accurate, complete, and consistent with the organization's financial records and activities.
- Verify that the return is correctly prepared and adheres to all relevant tax laws, regulations, and guidelines for tax-exempt organizations.
- Analyze the financial information reported on the return, including revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities, and net assets, to identify any potential discrepancies or areas of concern.
- Ensure that the organization's activities, governance structure, and compensation practices are properly disclosed and in compliance with IRS regulations.
- Identify any potential tax liabilities or issues that may require further attention or action by the organization's management or board of directors.
- Provide recommendations and guidance to improve the accuracy and transparency of future tax filings.

Experience in preparing and reviewing IRS 990 tax returns for nonprofit organizations, with a deep understanding of the applicable tax laws and regulations.

At Teamup, we craft impactful software solutions that tackle real-world problems. Our initiative, "Apps For Good," is dedicated to creating applications that drive positive change, focusing on areas such as environmental sustainability, supporting at-risk communities, and enhancing communication channels. Our platform offers college students the unique opportunity to develop functional prototypes and working pilots, under the guidance of industry professionals.

Why do we do this?
Our mission is to instill a sense of civic responsibility in the next generation of tech leaders while delivering meaningful contributions to society. By involving students in these projects, we not only address pressing social issues but also enrich their learning experience, providing them with practical skills and mentorship opportunities. Explore our active projects and their societal impact here:

To prepare for this project, we have gathered our budgeting information and will share access to our financial management tools. The annual financial statement for 2023 will be provided.


Nonprofit Overview

The mission of Teamup is to prepare students for STEM careers while empowering them to create technology for social good.