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Elevate Energy
4 - 5 weeks
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Chicago, Illinois
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Posted February 22
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Project Overview

We recently updated our business continuity plan and would like to work with someone who has experience in disaster planning and recovery and business continuity. We want to hold a "table-top" exercise session where the facilitator provides disaster scenarios to our organization's Readiness Team, and the Readiness Team responds by using the newly updated business continuity plan to see if it works and where additional improvements need to be made. This purpose is also to help the Readiness Team ensure they're comfortable using the plan.

If we've learned anything over the last two years, it's that it's important to be prepared for whatever may come. We could use the help of a professional experienced in disaster planning and recovery and business continuity planning and execution to help us test our organization's business continuity plan to make sure that our organization will continue to be prepared for whatever comes next. This is a short-term project that will help us ensure we're able to continue to serve our communities no matter what fate throws our way next.

We have a business continuity plan and recently updated it. We want to "test" it to make sure it will work and that our Readiness Team will know what to do if/when we're faced with a situation that disrupts our nonprofit's operations.


Nonprofit Overview

Elevate Energy's mission is to design and implement programs that reduce costs, protect people and the environment, and ensure the benefits of clean and efficient energy use reach those who need them most.


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