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Greater Dwight Development Corporation
1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely
New Haven, Connecticut

Posted February 26
Member since 2024-02-22

Project Overview

Help us refresh our logo in celebration of our 30-year anniversary!

We are a nonprofit coming up on our 30th year anniversary. Our logo and branding were designed when we first started, and we would like to develop something that is more modern and which encapsulates the essence of our organization.

We are hoping to work with one skilled volunteer who is able to complete the project in a month's time.

We are a small but dedicated organization who are dedicated to the neighborhood, and its residents. Over the years, many of our projects have intersected directly with their lives. Unfortunately, our programming has dwindled down in recent years. As we gear up again towards doing more projects, we would like an updated logo that references the history of our organization, is more modern, and reflects the current neighborhood.

We have a list of the projects that we have worked on, as well as a vague idea of a concept that we like that was used in an article many years ago. Our executive director and board president are also available to work with the designer to come up with a concept, and to do a live design session is possible.


Nonprofit Overview

GDDC’s primary mission is to undertake activities to enhance the social and economic wellbeing of Greater Dwight residents including:
1. Creating, refining and implementing the Dwight Neighborhood Plan
2. Promoting job training and recruitment
3. Increasing access to educational, recreational, child development and family support activities
4. Revitalizing local housing through assistance to homeowners and providing affordable housing to low and moderate income persons
5. Encouraging economic development through the expansion of existing business, attracting new businesses and developing microenterprises and small businesses
6. Developing community beautification projects
7. Enhancing the security of neighborhood residents


Graphic design
Brand strategy