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Flying V
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Bethesda, Maryland
Accounting & Finance

Posted April 03
Member since 2020-08-11

Project Overview

Our small nonprofit needs an independent financial review completed by June 1st in order to maintain eligibility for our most significant public grant funding. The review is not a complete audit, and we have been told it is a relatively simple lift, given the size, and scope of our $300k org.

This financial review is a requirement for us to be eligible for county support funding, which currently represents 20%+ of our contributed income; the loss of it would be devastating operationally. For the past decade, this financial review was completed pro bono by a local CPA firm. They let us know this month that they have merged with another organization and no longer do pro bono work. We have looked for other local firms to complete this work, but the most reasonable quote we could find was $5,000. As a $300,000 org, an unbudgeted $5,000 expense is earth-shattering - our cash flow also will not support this sudden unplanned expenditure in the next 3 months. We are the only performing arts organization in the area, specifically focusing on nerd and pop culture art-creation, and the exploration of theatre skills application to new mediums. Our work is vital to emerging local artists; our partnership programs offer a unique place for exploring theatrical voice, and we often work with upwards of 50 new artists each year. To lose this grant would because of a surprise expense would cut our program budget for this year and next year - and potentially cancel our fall production, which this grant cash flows and for which artists have already been contracted.

We have our QuickBooks account and financial records in order, as well as 5 years of previous reviews for reference. The Executive Director and board treasurer (previous ED) are available to consult as needed.


Nonprofit Overview

Flying V is redefining theatre, with the intent to invigorate and inspire people to live life with a greater sense of appreciation and adventure, to combat the increasing epidemic of existential loneliness in our culture. A gateway drug to theatre that bridges the gap between pop culture and high culture, we are dedicated to the creation, development, and production of vibrant original work, offbeat contemporary plays, and theatrical performance art inspired by genre fiction and other modern mythologies. By creating work that reflects the intimate struggles of the human condition through vivid, high concept metaphors and artistic vigor, we hope to shine a light on the loneliness and isolation that so many feel and create a sense of connection and wonder.


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