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Independent Living Housing Inc.
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Detroit, Michigan
Marketing Strategy

Posted April 15
Member since 2023-05-13

Project Overview

We need a skilled volunteer who understands Google Ads to administer our Google Ad Grant for nine weeks. In this virtual volunteer role, you will be responsible for managing and optimizing our Google Ads campaigns to increase awareness, engagement, and support for our organization’s initiatives. This position offers an excellent opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals with learning disabilities while gaining valuable experience in digital marketing and nonprofit management.
Join Independent Living Housing, Inc, and play a pivotal role in transforming lives in the Detroit area. We are on a mission to offer hope and freedom to learning-disabled students and adults by providing them with a chance to live in a secure, comfortable, and affordable apartment. We’re seeking passionate grant writers and a digital marketing expert to manage our Google Ad Grant, as well as a marketing professional to craft compelling content for our campaigns. Your expertise can help us extend our reach, securing the resources needed to create environments free from judgment and harassment. Be part of a team dedicated to making a substantial differenceWe’ve meticulously planned every aspect of this project, from securing grants to partnering with White Construction Company, ensuring we have the expertise and resources needed for success. Our detailed project plan includes marketing campaigns, fundraising strategies, and leveraging community support, creating a strong foundation for implementation. Following the construction of our inaugural building, we’ll continue to engage with our community and supporters through events, including a special fundraiser featuring famous artists, to sustain and expand our impact. Our preparations and partnerships underscore our readiness to bring this vital project to fruition, enhancing our community’s inclusiveness and support for learning-disabled individuals.

Independent Living Housing, Inc is fully equipped and committed to the successful completion of this project. With the partnership of White Construction Company and the support of our dedicated team, we have all the necessary materials, expertise, and plans in place. Our staff and partners are deeply committed, offering their time, guidance, and resources to support our volunteers and ensure the project’s success. We are not just prepared; we are actively working towards creating a positive, lasting impact within our community, providing learning-disabled individuals with the dignity and independence they deserve.


Nonprofit Overview

Independent Living Housing, Inc. (ILH) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established for the charitable purpose of providing life skills and educational services to learning-disabled youth, young adults, and adults in Metropolitan Detroit. Our vision is to help this population become gainfully employed and have a secure and safe apartment in a healthy environment.

The organization is responding to a need in the community that has been unmet by the Detroit Public Schools and Detroit Wayne County Mental Health Authority. ILH will provide independent living programs such as educational training (with coursework), Conflict Resolution, English, Financial Literacy, math, science, social science, reading, writing, art, leadership development, and individual, group, and family therapy to promote higher self-esteem. ILH offers a multi-front approach to improvement.


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