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Forever Captain Poodaman The Ahmad Butler Foundation
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Marketing Strategy
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Posted April 19
Member since 2024-02-21

Project Overview

We need help getting the word out for our 1Million Families March for the Cure to Childhood Cancer (1MFM), scheduled September 2024.

ABF is a 100% volunteer organization run by a dedicated and passionate group of humanitarians who understand the devastation of childhood cancer and how it affects the entire family. We know first-hand the complexities of the socioeconomic, financial, and psychosocial impacts experienced by these children and their families, and we are committed to making a profound, positive impact on their lives by helping them confront the challenges of their child’s cancer diagnosis. It seems as if everyone is waiting for someone else to bring about a change for these unfortunate children and their families. The wait is over! We will lead the way for a change! We will speak with one voice to awaken the nation to the HORRID impacts of pediatric cancer. We will address Congress to fight for an increase of funding while giving aid to families in dire need. We need skilled volunteers to help get the word of the march out to the public via marketing channels, including social media, email, PR, etc.

The March/Rally is five months away and we need to increase puclic support by marketing/messaging about the 1MFM to help with the success. This project will involve outlining a successful marketing plan for the awareness campaign.

Our Goals are as follows:
To RAISE AWARENESS and steer a public discussion of children’s cancer and its devastating, often-overlooked effects on family and the community’s well-being.
To ADVOCATE for an increase of the allotted government childhood funding research from 4% to 10%.
To FUNDRAISE 100 million dollars for creating seed funding for a 6-month bill supplemental program for newly diagnosed families in need.

We have a 1Million Families March team that meet weekly and are ready to implement any program that will help with the success of the 1MFM


Nonprofit Overview

To support the needs of children with cancer and other life threatening diseases, while aiding in the improvement of their quality of life.


Marketing strategy
Public relations